Sunday, April 8, 2012

KinderStore: Finishing Up Our Money Unit

We finished up our money unit with a math store in the classroom.  Each child was given 30 cents for shopping (1 dime, 2 nickels and 10 pennies).  They were allowed to select any item they wanted, as long as they could provide the correct change, or tell me what they needed back.

I worked one-on-one with each child as they made purchases.  This allowed me to assess what they had learned during the unit.  The other children worked in learning centers.  To manage the order of when each child came to the store, I had them pick numbers from a bowl.  I then gave them a small sticker with their number to put on their shirt.  This ensured that they didn't lose their number.  It worked well and everyone knew when they'd have a turn to go shopping.

Here's our KinderStore.  This is actually a puppet theatre that wasn't being used.  It was perfect for the store.

I purchased a number of items from Dollar Tree for this project.  Each item was assigned a price.

It was interesting to watch the strategies each child used at the store.  Here, the child counts out and "purchases" each item before moving to the next desired item.

This child placed all his coins on the price tags, checked to make sure he had it right and then said this is what I'd like to buy.

Here's another example of a child that used the price tags as a guide for their purchases.

The plastic snakes were a big hit.  One child bought 4 of them. ;)

Here the child holds up the item and the money to confirm that they have the correct amount.

Decisions, decisions!  It was hard to choose which eraser to purchase.

The store proved to be a great activity for the entire class.  Each child was fully engaged and applied the skills they had learned during the unit.  The store will remain "open" in the coming weeks.  I have placed some classroom manipulatives for purchase, along with play coins inside the store. Keeping the area open will give them more practice handing money and integrating what they learned through play schemes they develop.

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